Andrew & Leaha were married late last year in beautiful Paluma Rainforest which is nestle up in the clouds. The whole wedding was completely DIY and handmade! The Bride made most or sourced all of the decorations and her family catered the whole event! As the bride walked down the aisle through a haze of clouds it began to rain just for a moment and thankfully held out for the rest of the ceremony and than the heavens opened not long after!

The reception was to be held in the yard of the bride’s parents house, the whole family set everything up and due to the rain sadly had to use backup reception option which was the community hall. I was amazed and felt all warm and fuzzy seeing her parents and family working hard to move everything last minute! what an effort! When the Bride & Groom arrived at the hall they were stunned by how all her gorgeous decorations had been set up beautifully by the family! It was a special moment!

Congrats to Andrew & Leaha for your beautiful wedding where family really shined!


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